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​At 61 Tamara Rivella has the body of a 20 year old. She has practiced herbal medicine for over 40 yrs.

"I grew up on herbs. In the early 90's I started working for Whole Foods as a nutritionist while attending Bastyr college of Natural Medicine and interning with a Natropathic Doctor. It wasn't long before I had a following my co-workers called my 'groupies'! I specialized in endocrine disorders and soon discovered I had a talent for getting to the root of individual disorders and soon had a consultation business on the side. My classes on everything from cellulite and eliminating cravings to reversing hair loss were standing room only as I explained the age reversing power of keeping your hormones balanced. Thicker hair, better sleep, energy, stronger bones and a leaner more toned body are just some of the benefits of balanced hormones. Many of my clients were able to eliminate cysts and tumors once the hormones were balanced!

Healing skin and weight problems by balancing the glands and hormones became my niche as clients learned how hormonal imbalances caused weight gain, acne, hair loss and sagging skin. 

In 1997 I started Body Beautiful Institute and through the web had clients worldwide. In 2013 I was excited to introduce this site; Mydietcounselor.com with the ability to do individual, one on one onlin3 consultations for Guaranteed Weight Loss! I’d love to help you achieve  ultimate health, weight management and 'Beautiful'.

Fill out the online Consultation to start your own personalized weight loss program.

About Tamara and How Eliminating Cravings Got Her Healthy

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