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The 'No Diet, No Exercise, Diet 

Guaranteed! ​Hormonal Weight Loss and Natural Liposuction

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We depend on our hormones to shape and reshape our bodies throughout our lives. From toddlers to teens, parenthood and beyond our hormones decide where and how body fat is distributed. 

  • Testosterone foods increase muscle tone, energy and libido
  • Estrogenic foods keep the skin firm and soft, and the hair thick and shiny
  • Balance your hormones while losing weight naturally!

By balancing your hormones your appetite will be balanced and your youth restored! All this while eating your own food in the comfort of your own home or restaurants.  These efforts help you to successfully achieve weight management.

When it comes to dieting it helps to have the body cooperate rather than rebel; instead of sweet,salty, or fatty foods; you'll crave healthy high water content foods! Fill out the free consultation form today to see your guaranteed weight loss time and numbers.

"I never felt like I was on a diet; the hardest part was getting in all the food" S.G. Houston,Tx

"The follow-up was unbelievable; I never felt alone on this journey, I discovered things about my body that my doctor hadn't told me; and the numbers just kept dropping!" Micheal R. Tx

"I was skeptical after so many diets but still practice what I learned and to this day have never had to diet again!" T.E. Katy, Tx
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C O N T A C T  U S
               Natural Liposuction will:

  • Remove excess fat from hips, abdomen and thighs
  • Tighten flabby thighs and tummy
  • Elongate and trim the waistline
  • Tone and lift the buttocks
  • Remove Cellulite

           All without invasive surgery!

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Low Carb, Food replacements, pre-made meals, don't work. From Jenny Craig to counting points on weight watchers and refusing to eat carbs; diets just don't work. Oh you may lose weight but will you lose fat? increase muscle? and maintain it without constant dieting and exhaustive exercise 

Not only do diets not work but dieting can make you gain fat that is even more resistant to weight loss. Our desire for particular foods are driven by strong  physical and emotional responses. Hormones tell us when we're hungry and when we are full.  When looking to eliminate cravings it is important to consider the root cause. Cravings are caused when the blood lacks sufficient nutrients and that's impossible to ignore.

Achieve ideal weight loss and muscle tone without starvation or exercise!
We specialize in clients with limited mobility
Are you 'allergic' to exercise? It's more common than you think!  By allergic, we mean that exercising either has no impact on your weight or makes it worse. Due to the stressful lifestyles we endure each day our bodies start to 'bulk up' as a response to exertion of any kind. The more you exercise the thicker you get! This is a steroid reaction in adrenal hormones.

The body is already under stress and limiting food during exertion causes it to resist starvation by storing nutrients and fat. This phenomena is even seen in children.  
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