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The 'No Diet, No Exercise Diet ' 

How exactly does the personalized weight loss program work? 

During your initial consultation we will ask specific questions concerning your diet history and health; through this we develop a program that eliminates your cravings. Step 2 Once cravings are gone; we give you a food plan that many clients say is the most food they've ever eaten! It is balanced for fat burning. You will eat your own food plus delicious protein snacks that help burn the fat faster. THIS IS NOT A DIET; every day you will be eating plenty of fruit, veggies, protein and carbs (including bread and potatoes!) After reaching your goal you will continue to eat this way for a healthy body and you will love it!

How long will it take to achieve weight management
Depending on your consultation we guarantee 15-20 pounds a month plus 5-8 inches!

Will it work for everyone? 
Yes! The program is guaranteed; we know how to work around health problems such as diabetes and some may need authorization from their doctor?

What is the cost for my one on one counselor program? 
The cost is $25.00 for each week of guaranteed weight loss plus your own supplies (recommended snacks and vitamins). 
If you start today you could be down 6 -10 pounds by this time next week!

How does the Natural Liposuction Program Work? 
This is a spot reducing program that targets specific areas of the body just as Surgical Liposuction does. Lifting and tightening :
  • Buttocks
  • Belly (by tightening the pelvic floor)
  • Inner & outer Thighs
  • Arms
  • Even the neck and chin!
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Will I be able to change my body shape? Yes! even if you've always had a thick waistline; Natural Liposuction can whittle it down! You can also lengthen  your torso and reshape your hips.

Does the Natural Liposuction Program work for men? Yes! Both men and women have estrogen and testosterone; by naturally lowering one hormone you can increase the other. For example a large belly often indicates excess estrogen in men.

When you say hormones are you referring to a pharmaceutical pills or injections? No! All of our methods are completely natural.

Can I do the Natural Liposuction Program with my own diet plan? Yes, However depending on where you are in your weight loss

How much will a 30 day Weight Loss + Natural Liposuction Program Cost? The cost is based on your personal consultation.  We can assure you that our prices are very reasonable and competitive.

What happens if I don't reach my goal in weight or inches by the end of the 30 day program?

If you don't reach your guaranteed weight loss within the 30 days we stay with you until you do. This is unlikely since we get to know your weaknesses and eating habits during the initial consultation so we make sure you're satisfied?

What type of payments do you accept? 

Once we accept you as a client and configure your guarantee and both agree on; we will send you an invoice payable though Paypal. You do not have to have a paypal acount to use this service. Paypal accepts most forms of payment

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You will be assigned a personal counselor to stay with you until you reach your goals. She will get your hormones and cravings balanced then keep you on track with emails and live Skype consultations. We are experts at breaking plateaus!
"I will not let you plateau!"
We specialize in weight loss for those with limited mobility
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